• Share Savings Accounts:

Dormant Accounts…
Accounts with a balance less than $100.00 with no activity for 1 year –
$5.00 per quarter
New Jersey State Dormant Account Policy:
Any account with no activity for 3 years regardless of the balance in the account must be turned over to the State.
You must contact the State of New Jersey in order to retrieve your funds.

Returned Checks-
$25.00 per item
Re-deposit item –
$10.00 per item
Return ACH-
$10.00 per item

VISA Gift Card – $2.50 per card

Wire – Domestic – $20.00

Overnight Mail (FedEx) – Cost from FedEx


  • Share Draft Checking Accounts:

Stop Payment…$10.00 per item

Check Copy…Copy of a paid draft item – $5.00 per item

“VISA” Check Card…$1.00 per month, per card, unlimited transactions¬† Replacement card/pin – $5.00

Courtesy Pay…$20.00

Paper statement – $2.00 per quarter