Unsecured Loans

  • Interest Rate: 9.5% APR
  • Term: 60 months (maximum)


Secured Loans

  • Interest Rate:  4%APR
  • No maximum term
  • Must be secured by funds in your Credit Union share account.

This type of loan is great for someone trying to establish or re-establish credit since we report to a credit bureau.

It is also a great type of loan for those who do not want to deplete their savings.  Borrow against them.

  • Submit a completed loan application along with a copy of your last pay stub for approval.
  • The required signing of paperwork remains the same for any type of loan with the Credit Union.

To establish credit:

  • The proceeds of your loan will be a deposit into your share account.  You make your monthly payments.  Once the loan is paid, the proceeds are then released to you.


  • NEW:  Interest Rate: 5.90% APR
  • USED:  Interest Rate:  6.2% APR
  • 100% financing on the cost of the vehicle only.
  • Maximum 60 month term


(We do not include tax, dealer fees, warranty, etc.)

Return the completed loan application, copy of the dealer invoice and other loan requirements (see loan page for requirements) to the office for approval.
Once your loan is approved auto insurance information will be requested. (Insurance Company name, Policy # and address. If you have an agent, their name, address and telephone number must be given)

The check will be made payable to you and the dealer.

Adequate auto insurance coverage must be maintained on the vehicle as long as it is financed.